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I’m sure it has been covered already in T&C but please make sure your exported Ushur campaign does not have any sensitive, PII, PHI information if you are posting it in the community (yes, Ushur workflows can be exported and used by others).

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Long wait times and a bad interaction experience has always been linked to the customer care industry. Ushur has helped eliminate that and create a fast, secure and to the point interactive interface

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I have helped our customers to automize their customer journeys using Ushur. Such as submission of claims, collecting missing information, sending out proactive communications and many more.


Planning on using Ushur to replace traditional forms for report submissions and surveys.

Automate customer journey= less call volume for our customer, higher CSAT/NPS scores with their customers.

Helped the call centers eliminate manual outreach and better turnaround time.